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About Us

Having worked in the industry, we know the challenges associated with producing products in highly regulated, intensely scrutinized companies. Across large and small organizations, Prospect Premier Solutions secures the very best manufacturing and engineering professionals.

Founded by Bill Hess, who spent 25 years in manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies before redirecting his career to executive recruiting, Prospect Premier Solutions fills openings in leadership, professional and technical capacities, including engineering, operations, software engineering, plant management, quality control and many others.


Why Work With Us


Together we define why candidates should join you and what they will accomplish in the role.


We use a meticulous interview approach developed and refined over more than 1000 candidate interviews.


We provide comprehensive summaries of the best candidates, assist you in selecting those you wish to interview, and help you develop a scorecard for rating them.


We help onboard your new employee and conduct quality checks to ensure both parties remain satisified.

Bill Hess


About Bill Hess

I worked in industrial firms for 25 years before embarking on this journey.  Having been placed three times by headhunters and also using them to find candidates for open positions at my firms, I’ve lived the frustrations on both sides.  Overpromises.  Communication breakdowns.  Mismatched decision timelines.

Realizing there must be a better way to match talent with companies seeking sensational employees, I created the Prospect Premier Talent Quest, a proprietary five step process that I use to fill engineering and manufacturing positions in manufacturing companies.  This process ensures that both parties can answer the two questions that matter most: “Why should I work for you?” and “Why should I hire you?”

I began my career as a qualitative market researcher where I conducted over 200 in-depth research interviews with medical professionals, and then held roles in marketing and mergers/acquisitions.  As an executive recruiter, I’ve placed more than 100 professionals across three dozen firms and have completed more than 1000 job interviews.

I know how manufacturing companies operate, understand the talent market, and have the training and experience to find and qualify candidates. My ability to dig into the psyche of a prospect using my interviewing and qualitative marketing research skills will help avoid wasted onsite interviews and bad hires. I’m one of the very few headhunters who knows this business from having lived all aspects of it.

With openings outstripping candidate supply and the emergence of point-and-click job boards inundating companies with unqualified applicants, some say traditional recruiting is broken and won’t recover.  They might be right.

My process combines a novel approach with traditional techniques, leading to sensational results.  The candidates are out there.  I will find them, because I know where they are.   I look forward to working with your firm.

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