Evaluating the Obstacles

The Challenges

Les than 30% of potential candidates read job ads.

Unfilled openings place excessive stress on your existing teams.

Your best prospects are working at other firms but will leave for the right opportunity.

our proprietary approach

The Prospect Premier Talent Quest

  • We’ve developed a five-step process that starts with why your firm and your opportunity answer a candidate’s top question: Why should I work for you?
  • After defining what your new employee can accomplish in this role, we seek out prospects using modern techniques combined with traditional approaches.
  • According to a recent BioSpace survey, 70% of life sciences firms seek new employees, so there’s lots of competition. However, that same study shows that 90% of currently employed life sciences professionals will change jobs for the right opportunity.
  • We know how to find them, screen them, and present them to you for your decision. Finally, we ensure they’ll stay because we help with onboarding and conduct retention-oriented quality checks.
How we succeed

Delivering an Experience

Client-specific Solutions

Many of the most talented prospects are currently working and not actively seeking new opportunities. However, our experience has proven that when presented with a promising position packaged in an appealing way, they’ll consider making a change.  Our ability to combine traditional approaches with the most advanced search technologies available allows us to be more successful than internal hiring and most other recruiting firms.

We reach out directly to potential candidates, taking an active approach to locating the most talented people in life sciences engineering and production functions. Leveraging our experience with the resources that best meet the needs of your company to find these candidates, we are able to bring candidates to the table you would have never reached on your own, and who often prove to be the most relevant to your position and company. We accomplish this by:

Calling on an extensive network that extends across the life sciences spectrum.

Leveraging digital marketing approaches using social media in addition to traditional recruiting.

Utilizing our premium access talent databases, particularly on LinkedIn, where we use advanced algorithms to identify candidates with specific skill sets.

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